WTF Astrology!?!

In a perfect world, everyone would know their birth chart like the back of their hand. They would follow the planetary activity as closely as they follow the weather. Astrology is a powerful tool for navigating our lives, as long as we’re paying attention. But even astrologers can get caught off guard by a transit that sneaks up on us.

We would prefer our clients get regular Transit Forecast sessions or take up the study of astrology for themselves. Astrology can help us avoid potential chaos and disaster on our path when we’re watching the warning signs. But when we’re in the midst of the chaos, it can be difficult to find our footing. This is when astrologers get the same old phone call from their family and friends asking, “WTF is going on!?!”

This is like Urgent Care for Astrologers, and the call can come at any time, day or night. Ideally, we would never get this call. But again, we don’t live in that perfect world where everyone utilizes this tool to its full potential. Hopefully, we’ll never end up in the actual Emergency Room. But when we do, we might want to know WTF the planets are doing in our charts.

If you have time to schedule a reading in advance, do so. But if you cannot wait several days to a week for the answer to the proverbial question, then contact me, and I’ll respond ASAP. No later than 24 hours!

What to expect

  • The unexpected!
  • I’ll contact you by any means necessary.
  • Emergency Sessions are subject to time constraints.
  • You will receive a follow-up email with further notes.

Sliding Scale Payment

The value we assign to products and services is not a standard rate, it is relative to the value we place on our own time. Astrology should be available to all regardless of income and wealth, but it should be valued equally by all. If you have more but pay the same, you will not value the service as highly as if you paid a rate relative to your wealth/income level.

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