Cyclical Dynamics

Astrology is a higher form of Music Theory

“Whether we know it or not, we are all dancing to the Music of the Spheres.”

Astrological Services

Natal Chart

Using traditional methods, I explore your natal chart as a complex piece of music. Using instruments, I demonstrate the tension between planets as chords, and how they can be resolved.

Transit Forecast

I explore your transits to give you an idea of what changes to expect in tempo, chord and key. I'll help you stay in time, in tune, and prepared for your moment in the spot light.

Event Planning

Timing is everything, in music and in life. For those moments that really matter, make sure you step in time. Plan an important gig, or meeting, a first date or a wedding date.

Partner Charts

Relationships are all about harmony and discord. We may not love drama, but we create tension in our lives so that we can resolve it like a melody. I'll explore the aspects in your synastry and composite charts as music.

Partner Forecast

We'll explore the transits for you and your partner for the months and years ahead. We will find where there is harmony and where there is tension that needs to be resolved. For friends, lovers, family and bandmates.

Band/Group Charts

Any group of two or more is greater than the sum of its parts. Every band, or family is like a complex chord, many notes playing off of one another.
(includes up to 12 birth charts, and one composite chart.)

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Birth Information

Where on Earth were you born?

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