Cyclical Dynamics Lessons

Cyclical Dynamics is the model that lies at the heart of both Music Theory and Astrology. Once you see this model, you will recognize that Astrology is a higher form of Music Theory and that they are one. We know that the zodiac is a cycle divided by twelve, and we understand the dynamics of this system. But we often fail to see the cyclical nature of music in the phenomenon known as the “Octave.”

The octave is a cycle divided by twelve. And though there are endless pitches, the octave cycle repeats the same pattern, just as the planets repeat the same progression of signs. What we call “aspects” and “transits” in Astrology are “intervals” in music theory, creating complex chords. In the cyclical format, the relationship between notes is angular, just as between planets in aspect.

Cyclical Dynamics is a Music Lesson for Astrologers and an Astrology lesson for musicians. If you know one of these, you can easily grasp the other, and I highly recommend that you do. Knowing both, Astrology and Music Theory and how they are intimately connected will enhance your experience of both tenfold. If you are new to Astrology and Music Theory, this is your best introduction to both, though it is not a comprehensive study of either discipline.

If you have a guitar or keyboard, or any instrument, you’ll want to have it ready for your session. Just like a guitar lesson, we can start wherever your current level is and progress at the most productive rate for you. You may benefit from a single session, or you may want to unpack this theory completely. Consider yourself a pioneer as I develop my courses to teach more people a new language for the Aquarian Age.

What to expect

  • Cyclical Dynamics Lessons are 90 minutes.
  • Conducted over the phone or over Zoom.
  • You will receive an email 15-30 minutes before the session begins.
  • You will receive a follow-up email with a full recording of your session.
  • Please Cancel at least 48 hours in advance for a full refund.

Sliding Scale Payment

The value we assign to products and services is not a standard rate, it is relative to the value we place on our own time. Astrology should be available to all regardless of income and wealth, but it should be valued equally by all. If you have more but pay the same, you will not value the service as highly as if you paid a rate relative to your wealth/income level.

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