Group/Band Charts

Something happens to us when we’re in good company. Some people just bring out the best in us. As we look back at the companions we’ve had in our lives, we can see that we’re a different person with each of them. Like a chemical process, we change those around us simply by being there. And they change us, for better or for worse.

The more people we add to the mix, the more the chemistry changes. But in the end, with any group of individuals, there is a complex composite character. When we add someone, or when someone is not present, we cannot help but notice how it changes the group’s character. While each member maintains their individual character represented in their Natal Charts, the Composite Chart reveals the character of the group as a whole.

Whether you’re a trio or big brass band, a small start-up company, or a large traditional family, your group has a character that can be seen in a composite chart. It’s important to delineate who is in your group and who is an ancillary character. Anyone you add to the mix will change the results, so be sure to add only those who are a part of your group for the most accurate reading.

All Group/Band Sessions will include up to 12 Natal Charts and one Composite Chart. Individual Natal Chart Sessions are encouraged but not required. Group Sessions will focus primarily on the Composite Chart, treating the Group as an individual entity. Some attention may be focused on notable synastry and transit activity. All aspects in the Composite Chart can be demonstrated on musical instruments.

What to expect

  • Group/Band Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Conducted over the phone or over Zoom.
  • You will receive an email 15-30 minutes before the session begins.
  • You will receive a follow-up email with a full recording of your session.
  • Please Cancel at least 48 hours in advance for a full refund.

Sliding Scale Payment

The value we assign to products and services is not a standard rate, it is relative to the value we place on our own time. Astrology should be available to all regardless of income and wealth, but it should be valued equally by all. If you have more but pay the same, you will not value the service as highly as if you paid a rate relative to your wealth/income level.

*Up to four Charts included in Base Rate, please add $50 for each member above four.

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