Natal Chart Reading

You are the spirit of the moment you were born. Like a fine wine bottled and corked on the day of your birth, you carry the essence of the season through time. Your birth chart (or Natal Chart) is a snapshot of the planets at that place and time, and you carry this picture with you as you walk through life. Learning the many aspects of your birth chart is possibly the most one can do in the quest to know thyself.

And though we can have our chart done, our chart is never done. We’re never finished learning from our birth chart, and every time we revisit it, we discover something new. We are like a fine wine, but we are also like a complex dish combining a variety of ingredients. Though you can get many free cookbook interpretations, it takes a trained astrologer to blend it all together in a language that we can understand. 

I use various classic astrological techniques and methods combined with the lessons and language of music. Unlike most astrologers, I will use musical instruments to demonstrate the tension in your chart. We may not like tension when it’s at its peak, but we create tension in music so that we can resolve it. Using Cyclical Dynamics, we’ll discover the Key to your song and how to resolve every melody.

What to expect

  • Natal Chart Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Conducted over the phone or over Zoom.
  • You will receive an email 15-30 minutes before the session begins.
  • You will receive a follow-up email with a full recording of your session.
  • Please Cancel at least 48 hours in advance for a full refund.

Sliding Scale Payment

The value we assign to products and services is not a standard rate, it is relative to the value we place on our own time. Astrology should be available to all regardless of income and wealth, but it should be valued equally by all. If you have more but pay the same, you will not value the service as highly as if you paid a rate relative to your wealth/income level.

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